Our Staff

Our Principal & Grade 6/7 Teacher:  John Haeusslerhaeussler-john

Mr. Haeussler has been our principal for the past four years.  His career began in Kitchener, Ontario where he taught grade 6 at Christ Lutheran School.  From there he moved on to Plattsville Christian School in Plattsville, Ontario where he taught grades 3 & 4, 7 & 8, and eventually served as their principal for three years.  Throughout his career, John has become a passionate advocate for Christian education.  He is thoroughly enjoying living in Prince George where he can take advantage of all the outdoor activities available to him.  You can contact Mr. Haeussler at principal@zlcs.com.  He loves showing people around Zion and talking about all of things God is doing there!

Our Grade 3/4/5 Teacher:  Celena Spencerspencer-celena

Miss Spencer has been a part of the Zion family for 7 years now.  She loves trying out new things, making learning an adventure in her classroom!  Originally from Burnaby, BC, Celena loves living in Prince George with her family.  You can contact her by email at cspencer@zlcs.com.


bast-dawnOur Grade K/1/2 Teacher:  Dawn Bast

We are excited to have Mrs. Bast join our staff here at Zion in the K-1-2 classroom for the 2016/2017 school year.  Dawn brings with her an enthusiasm and eagerness that is infectious!  You can reach her at dbast@zlcs.com.

 Our French Teacher – Michelle Jeanjean-michelle

We are pleased to have Ms. Jean join the Zion team for the 2016/2017 school year.  Ms. Jean specializes in language acquisition and is delighted to be teaching our French program this year.  In addition to her duties as a French teacher, she will also be covering one day per week in our Grade 3/4/5 class as well half a day in our 6/7 class.  You could say, she does it all!  Ms. Jean can be reached at mjean@zlcs.com.


Our EA – Jennifer Paziukpaziuk-jennifer

Mrs. Paziuk is returning for her third year at Zion as an Educational Assistant in the Kindergarten classroom.   We are excited to have Jennifer on our staff once again for the 2016-2017 school year!


schamehorn-loreleiOur EA – Lorelei Schamehorn

We are pleased to have Mrs. Schamehorn (or “Mrs. S” as she is affectionately known as) returning as an Educational Assistant in the K/1/2  classroom for the 2016/2017 school year.  Lorelei brings a lot of energy and enthusiasm to our staff!


 Our EA – Lauren Maruttmarutt-lauren

We are excited to have Mrs. Marutt join us an Educational Assistant in our Grade 6/7 classroom for the 2016/2017 school year.  Lauren has a passion for working with young people in ministry positions.  We are blessed to have her join the team here at Zion this year!


Our Pastor – Al Lewis

PastorAlThe students love going to chapel to hear what God has to say to them through Pastor Al!  Al is currently serving as the vacancy Pastor here at Zion.  When he is not here being our Pastor, Al lives in Rimbey, AB with his wife and son.  Pastor Al can be reached by calling the church at 250-562-2777.

Our Secretary – Laura Rafuse

LauraRWhere would any church or school be without their valued secretary?  We are so thankful for Mrs. Rafuse who is our anchor in the office!  You can reach Mrs. Rafuse by email at zion@zlcs.com or by phone at 250-562-2777.



Our Music Teacher – Gail HaeusslerGailH

Gail has graciously donated her time over the past four years to help teach our older students music.  If you stop by on the right afternoon, you will be greeted with the lovely sounds of hand chimes ringing throughout the building.  The students look forward to music class each week and we appreciate Gail’s dedication and commitment to our school.


Zion Christian School Staff PhotosOur Custodian – Dietrich Hess

Dietrich has been Zion’s volunteer custodian for longer than even he would care to admit!  Dietrich has been a member of our team since we opened the doors in 1999 and feels privileged to have been able to serve his Lord in this way.  We are extremely grateful for his dedication and effort to ensure that our messes are cleaned up!